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Teaching as a LACY Plan

April 18, 2014

by Kate Sheeder, a corps member proudly serving on the Albemarle Foundation at Merrydale Elementary School

With only twenty-fives day left of service, the phrase LACY is constantly floating around the City Year Baton Rouge community. What is LACY? LACY stands for Life After City Year. It’s the term used by corps members to say what they are doing once their ten-month commitment to City Year ends. Corps members’ LACY plans are usually divided into four different categories: returning to school (undergraduate or graduate), joining the work force, joining a different service organization, or STACY (Staying At City Year). On Monday’s blog post, Phillip Spotswood shared his LACY plan to return to City Year next year as a Senior Corps member (go Phil!) and I’m writing to share my LACY plan.


After serving as a corps member for the past two years at Merrydale Elementary School, I am ecstatic to share that I have committed the next two years of my life to teach an elementary school class through Teach For America South Louisiana. City Year Baton Rouge showed me how rewarding it is to educate children and watch them develop as young leaders and scholars. As a corps member, I was able to observe a variety of teaching styles that I will be able to use in my own classroom. Writing lesson plans as a corps member has prepared me to write my own as a teacher. Basically, all of the tools I gathered as a corps member will be so helpful as I start my journey as a classroom teacher.

I am also thrilled to teach in South Louisiana. As a proud Jersey girl, it’s crazy how in love I am with Baton Rouge and Louisiana culture. I feel just as home here as I do on the east coast. It was here in South Louisiana that I found my niche for teaching, so it only feels right that I begin my career in the same community.


Picture 8
While LACY plans can seem overwhelming, I am happy to say that I feel 100% confident in my decision to become a Teach for America corps member and teach here in Louisiana. Yes, the challenges of teaching will be extremely difficult and exhausting, but I love a good challenge. Plus, I know City Year has prepared me to lead an outstanding classroom.

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