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Girls on the Run Races into Capitol Middle!

March 7, 2014

by Stephanie Ambroise, corps member proudly serving on the JP Morgan Chase Team at Capitol Middle School


In addition to our Girls on the Run team at Merrydale Elementary, we are thrilled to launch a team at Capitol Middle School this spring! I spoke to one of the members of Girls on the Run recently, and she told me how much she loves the new program she’s a partner. 7th grader, Janie, says she loves being part of the group and that City Year Corps members run with her. “Ms. Amanda and Ms. Sandy, and Ms. Ashley (of Diplomas Now) do it, too.”

I asked her if she and she other girls of the group get along, and she exclaimed, “Yea, we get put on teams, and everyone gets along. They ask us questions like, ‘Are you a mountain, or a beach’ and then you go to the one you feel like the most. They separate us by our personalities.” It was exciting to hear her speak about Girls on the Run with such excitement, and personal pride makes me feel good about the work our corps members are doing with the program.

Girls on the Run is an afterschool program headed by Ms. Sandy, Mr. Phillip, Ms. Amanda, and Ms. Lainey. The group meets on Wednesday and Thursdays, and the children run about a mile a day. “We do different things, we run around the parking lot, and sometimes we run around cones and we get fruit after we run!”

The girls are always excited and happily tired when they walk back into the building in their track shorts. Some holding bottles of water in their hand, some with one headphone in their ear, they strut in as one team of young women who have chosen to both challenge themselves, and to get some exercise in their day. We look forward to crossing the finish line with our girls on May 10th at the 5k!




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