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Alumni Spotlight: Jessica Roux

January 10, 2014

Alumni Profilejessroux

Name: Jessica Roux
Current Position: Junior at LSU finishing my degree in Anthropology with a minor in Leadership Development
Where I Served: Baton Rouge, Merrydale Elementary, 2011-2012

merrydale jr


Why did you join City Year? I joined City Year because I needed some order and direction in my life. College was wearing me down and I felt like I was losing sight of the goals I had set for myself when I first began college. I was familiar with City Year and the work they did and decided it was something I wanted to do in the middle of my time in college so that it would contribute to my college experience as a whole. Joining City Year has definitely been the best decision I have made in my life thus far.

What is your favorite thing about your current role and how has serving with CYBR contributed to it? My favorite thing about being back in school is that I actually enjoy being there now. City Year allowed me to appreciate the wonderful education I was (and am still) receiving. City Year also continues to be my motivation for finishing school so that I can graduate and (hopefully) continue working in the nonprofit sector.

If you were a City Year uniform piece, what would you be and why? If I were a City Year uniform piece, I would be the black belt. This was probably the most important uniform piece for me since my pants were just a tad big on me throughout the year, but big enough to where if I forgot my belt, it would be noticeable. It kept things on and together.

Do you have any advice for corps members? My advice to corps members is to make the most out of your time in City Year. When you start to feel overworked or under appreciated, remember that you are doing amazing work and are making a difference. It’s easy to get caught up in it all, so take time for yourself to appreciate the work you are doing, the people you are doing it with, and the amazing experience you are having.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your time at City Year? The most valuable lesson I learned during my time at City Year is that there is always something you can do to help make a difference.

team merrydale two

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