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Corps Member Monday: Celebrating the Awesomeness of our Students

January 6, 2014

by Joshua Lonthair and  Stephanie Ambroise, corps members proudly serving on the JP Morgan Chase Team at Capitol Middle School

As I prepare mentally and physically for the beginning of the spring semester, I like to think of all the amazing things that we as a team at Capitol Middle School did last semester.

One of those things was our 12 Days of Awesomeness Event at the end of last semester.

The basics of the Celebration:

During the final 12 days of school before Mid-Terms we as a Team helped create 12 events that highlighted different students that we work with. We used the event as a way to congratulate and thank those students that were working hard and were meeting their goals.


Day 1: Ornaments and Hot Cocoa for Students that Excelled on Math Test #2

Day 2: Tie Dye Party for Students in Girl Talk

Day 3: Meet and Greet with Cupcakes for Students on Student Council

Day 4: World Cup Soccer Competition for Students Dressing out for Gym

Day 5: Holiday Extravaganza for Whole School

Day 6: Pizza Party for Students in Men’s Capitol C.O.R.P.

Day 7: Winter VIP Room for Students who Raised Lexile Scores by 75 points

Day 8: Pizza Party for Students on 7th Grade English Focus List

Day 9: Pizza Party for Students on 7th Grade Math Focus List

Day 10: Karaoke Party and Roast for Special Students

Day 11: Ice Cream Social for Students on 6th Grade English Focus List

Day 12: Gingerbread House Building for Students on Attendance Focus List

Beyond congratulating these students, and seeing them proud themselves, I took a lot from those 12 days. I got to see the change that we have already begun to make at this school, and I got to see how many students we actually have an impact on. We as a team are not making an impact on just one or two students, but rather we are making an impact at the school-wide level.

What was great about these 12 days was that the students at Capitol were celebrated for the goodness they bring into Capitol Middle and they were celebrated. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of being appreciated! I’m glad that Team Cougars were able let the students know just how much they are cherished.


So as the new semester begins, I am excited to continue our impact, and see students excel and succeed.


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