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Spread Ripples of Hope this Holiday Season

December 11, 2013
holiday picture 2
Friends, the season of giving is upon us! As we celebrate 2013 with our family and friends, relish the holiday spirit, and ring in a prosperous new year, we also take time to give so that others may share the joy of the holidays. This year, celebrate the young minds of students by supporting the 64 corps members serving in four Baton Rouge schools. Click here to make a holiday donation to City Year Baton Rouge, and create a ripple that will last long past the holiday!
How will your gift make a difference? 

Just ask Amanda, corps member proudly serving on the JPMorgan Chase Team at Capitol Middle School. amanda photo


“I began to work with Martin at the beginning of this year when I had to remind him daily to come to class, pick his head up from his desk, and stay on task. One day, Martin’s problems came to a head when he faced expulsion, but luckily he was given a last chance to return to school. His first day back was marked by him sitting next to me in class, away from distractions, and asking to read a book with me during independent reading. I embraced it, and for the next week, every time his rotation came around in class, there he was at my side, ready with a book and a new response sheet. Each day, we dive into the book’s vocabulary first. Then, Martin reads out-loud to me, and I ask him reading comprehension questions, ask him to make predictions, and have him make connections between his life and the story.

Martin has been back in school for 6 weeks, and he has already finished 18 books and passed all 18 quizzes. This is the highest percentage of passed quizzes and the most books successfully read in all sections of his reading intervention class. By working with Martin for a couple more months, I believe he will be able to graduate into a higher reading class within this school year. My goals are for him to become more verbal when he is in class, to continue to be self-motivated, and to make real connections between literature and his life.”

Your support will help Martin and other students reach these goals and beyond in 2014. 
Thank you and Happy Holidays from City Year Baton Rouge!
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