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Corps Member Monday: Since I Woke Up Today

October 21, 2013

by Bekah Fallon, Corps Member proudly serving on the New Schools for Baton Rouge Entergy Louisiana Team at Broadmoor Middle School

Since I woke up today things have felt… different. This Monday was like every other Monday and most other school days. Wake up, grumble at my alarm, shower, dress and stagger down stairs just as the last star disappears from the sky. Despite the physical similarities of this morning to every other in my City Year life this Monday is special. I finally feel like I am exploring the jungle, and not lost in it.


Motivating some students is difficult, but it no longer feel like I am running up against a wall, I can see the subtle changes. Some of my focus list kids are behind, but I don’t look at that and feel buried, I look and feel challenged to find out where they need the most help. Interactions I once dreaded have become situations that I control.


Some of the best contributions to isolating the individual needs and strategies for each student come from the corps member s data binders. Our data binders show what Common Core Standards our students excelled on, and what Standards our students need help with. Think of it like this. Let’s say we had a problem that encompassed geometry and algebra (a multi-part question). If the student remembers the formula for pythagorean’s theorem (that’s standard 8.G.A.4), but not how to determine the angle relationships (that’s standard 8.G.A.7), then we know we need to  spend more time reviewing that educational strategy.


It’s a lot less complicated when you’re living for educational reform.  GO CITY YEAR!

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