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Senior Corps Spotlight: Theresa Lodge

August 6, 2013

Senior Corps Profile  tlodge

Name: Theresa Lodge

Position: Team Leader

Where I Served: Corps Member 2012-2013, Team Leader 2013-2014 Capitol Middle School


Why did you decide to serve with City Year and why did you want to return? During my time, here at City Year I have come to solidify my purpose in society. In doing a Senior Corps year I believe that, I can become better prepared in my long-term goal to become a psychologist. I get a true joy from working directly with individuals and witnessing the impact that I am causing firsthand. City year has allowed me to do this and so much more. By coming back to City Year, I will be allowed to continue my direct work with the community and it will prepare me to be a well-rounded contributor to society. My short-term goal is to go to graduate school to obtain a degree in Clinical Child Psychology. The experiences that I have had at City Year have helped to solidify my career choice. I have realized that with the many disadvantages my students face City Year Corps members help them to receive the advantage of education. A Senior Corps year will allow me to continue that service through the work of my Corps members by making sure that they are well equipped to handle the issues that we will face day one in our school settings. My long-term goal is to open a practice that helps to influence our youth positively through mental health issues in our community. City Year has contributed drastically to this long-term goal through my service here I realized that I can affect the youth in many ways and if influenced correctly the youth can do great things. City Year made me realize that I do not want to be behind the scenes in helping these students reach their potential but rather on the front lines of the battle.

Do you have any advice for corps members?  Don’t come in expecting to change the world in one day because change takes time. Don’t let the time discourage you.

If you were a City Year uniform piece, what would you be and why? I would be the bomber because the bomber is the part of our uniform that allows everyone to see the impact we make it is the one piece that represents carrying our city on our backs and I feel that is the most important aspect of City Year.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your time at City Year?  I can’t do everything myself and that true change takes different lengths of times.


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