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Summer Academy 2013

July 29, 2013

ImageGood morning City Year! Good morning Summer Academy! Interconnectedness was the common theme for Summer Academy 2013-2014. The motto was “One City Year”- the idea that we are all connected through service even though we serve in different areas of the world. Nearly everyone I spoke with was there for one main reason: to move students forward.  I received a multitude of trainings, contacts and best practices from across sites.  I collaborated with representatives from South Africa, Boston, San Jose, and Los Angeles.  It was a great privilege to have the opportunity to experience the energy, pride and power of over 1000 people working passionately towards a common goal. As a result, my idealistic flame was reignited bigger and brighter- like a wildfire bursting with excitement. 


We received extensive training during Summer Academy.  It was like an extreme City Year makeover.  #makebetterhappen was a session that had a particularly profound effect on me.  I have a Twitter account, but last year I did not use it.  This session gave me a better understanding of the impact social media can have in generating awareness for City Year.  Because, of this engaging and informative session, I will utilize my Twitter more with the #makebetterhappen.  I also attended a session on engaging students in the first 60 days of school.  This session taught leadership skills such as how to use strong voice, positive framing, and emotional constancy.  I know all of these tools will help me provide service. 


CYBR Executive Director, Laura Hamm, accepting “Best of City Year” award from City Year Regional Vice President Stephen Spaloss


Overall, my experience at Academy was amazing.  Before leaving for Academy, I felt no clear distinction between my corps year and my senior corps year.  After Summer Academy, I felt well prepared for my upcoming senior corps year.  I learned how to hone in on my skills that I thought were great, but realized were not at a level of excellence.  I began to understand that I am the keeper of City Year culture.  I embraced my role and realized that I was responsible for helping Corps Members find their purpose and be effective tutors, mentors and role models.  This realization was the most rewarding I have had as a City Year Corps Member.  My goal has always been to help as many people as I can and this opportunity will allow me to coach 60 Corps Members, who will in turn impact hundreds of students.  This job is the most rewarding job I have ever had, and Summer Academy allowed me to get back in touch with my flame of idealism.  Moving students forward…… whatever it takes!


Theresa Lodge, Team Leader Proudly Serving at Capitol Middle School

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