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Alumni Spotlight: Sara Ross

July 25, 2013

Alumni ProfileImage

Name: Sara Ross

Position: Corps Member and Team Leader

Where I Served: Corps Member 2011-2012 and Team Leader 2012-2013 Broadmoor Middle


Why did you decide to serve with City Year? I’ve always loved service and I had an interest in education- plus I wasn’t sure about what to do after graduating from college. City Year was something meaningful to do while I found out what I wanted as a career. I liked it so much that I came back as a Team Leader.

What is your current role and how has serving with CYBR contributed to it? Currently, I’m the Research and Operations Intern at City Year Baton Rouge. I do this and that around the office. I’m getting to see the other side of CYBR. It’s actually pretty interesting. In the fall, I’ll be moving to New York City to join the Episcopal Service Corps where I’ll be interning at a high school. (Big adventure because I was in a middle school for 2 years #BroadmoorCRAY) CYBR helped me find that there are so many other organizations and ways to serve.

What was the most valuable lesson you learned during your time at City Year? Don’t sweat the small stuff.

Do you have any advice for corps members? 1) Don’t lose yourself in your service. Maintaining your passions and personalities adds to your corps, team, school and students. You will walk away from your corps year with a little piece of every person you interact with. They will do the same with you. 2) Seize every opportunity to meet new people and try new things. I was able to attend some cool and important conferences, meet interesting high-profile people, and network with individuals from all walks of life. My professional experience was heightened because of the opportunities I took advantage of. I mean, I met a senator and I was on national television. No big deal… 3) Strive for excellence and greatness. If you go into service with a negative attitude, you’ll have a negative experience. But, if you always try to see things as an opportunity for greatness, you’ll have the greatest experience of your life. 4) Don’t fight the culture. You’ll waste so much time and energy. Yeah, some stuff is campy. But, it’s easier and way more fun to join in with everyone else.

If you were a City Year uniform piece, what would you be and why? I’d definitely say that I’m the ¼ zip layered under the old bomber, but the bomber is unzipped. There are about 2 weeks in the winter when it is terribly cold. “Why?” you ask. Well, you’ll see City Year on the back of the bomber and on the front of the ¼ zip. Coming and going, no matter how much I fought it, I was City Year.

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