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Corps Member Monday: Quotes from our Kids

May 13, 2013

The best reward for the the hardwork our corps members do is the appreciation and positive affirmations of our students. Fortunately, Twitter provides a platform for our corps members to share the funny, sentimental, and heart warming words of our students in real time.

As our corps member service nears its end in Baton Rouge, we wanted to share a few of the joys our corps members let us witness the past few weeks.

keely tweet

Check out corps members stories from across the country by searching #makebetterhappen on Twitter. When someone uses the hashtag #makebetterhappen, it categorizes the Tweet into a feed where all other Tweets that have that same hashtag go – so everyone can see the stories in a single place.This hashtag is all about the victories we experience, our ripples and joys, and the good that happens every day from the work that City Year does our schools.

So much goes into a year of service – and #makebetterhappen allows you to see how great the impact can be, even from some of the smallest victories on a day to day basis.

Follow us on Twitter, @CityYearBR for your own daily dose of inspiration and joy!

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