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Photo Friday: On the Ball and Back on Track

May 3, 2013

By: Eboni Preston, Corps Member Proudly Serving on the Albemarle Foundation Team at Belaire High School

To me, City Year is all about finding that student that isn’t used to getting that positive attention, giving it to them, and watching them progress.

Let me tell you about one of my favorite students, Mr. Timothy Johnson.

Tim is the “cool” guy, and he often avoided asking for help because in high school, well, that’s not the cool thing to do. Pride and his 3 F’s became four of his worst enemies. He didn’t understand math but had two math classes. He didn’t know how to write an essay, but had one due in English and biology. Most important to him, basketball season was coming up and he couldn’t even try out for the team.

I saw what this did to Tim, and even though he didn’t want to admit it, it was wearing on him. We had a lot of work to get done. After a little persuasion, Tim started to come to me for help. For weeks he came to tutoring every Tuesday and Thursday, sometimes until pm. We worked to make sure everything was done, and done the right way.

Weeks turned to months, and first semester came to an end. By this time his grades were drastically improved, and I can proudly say that his 3 F’s turned into 2 Cs, and an A, AND we’re not done yet.

And as exciting to Tim:

timHis grades made him eligible for the basketball team  I’ve seen what Tim has the potential to do, and I’m not going to let him forget it!

He improved in his behavior and his attitude. My baby, my student, became a leader on the court AND in the classroom.

My red jacket allows me to interact with dozens of students like Tim everyday. Together we strive for excellence, and together we make a difference.

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