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Corps Member Monday: Global Youth Service Day

April 22, 2013


By:Jullian Sims, Proud Corps Member serving at Belaire High School

As part of LSU’s Geaux Big Baton Rouge on Saturday, April 20th, City Year Baton Rouge teamed up with Starhill Baptist Church, for an exhilarating day of service in observance to Global Youth Service Day (GYSD). We aren’t the only ones who revere this glorious day. Celebrated in over 100 countries, GYSD is the largest service event in the world! It is the only day of service envisioned specifically for youth and children, so obviously it is one of our favorites here at CYBR.

The locus of our service was at the Eden Park/Gus Young community, which is a low-income, high-need area. Capitol Middle School, one of the four schools we serve in, is located here. To kick off this jubilant day, a few of our corps members demonstrated our notorious PT (Physical Training) routine. All the volunteers happily participates alongside us. After PT, CYBR corps members and Starhill volunteers were dropped off at their assigned sections, where they trudged through the territory, sprucing up several neighborhoods by eliminating any unsightly rubbish. Overall, our group cleaned up ten blocks. Aside from picking up trash, corps members and volunteers connected with the residents of the area, many of whom were enthralled and positively surprised by the project. It inspired some to take more responsibility for their habitat. One local told a team leader that if we sincerely could clean up all the trash out of the grass, he, in turn, would personally mow down the whole block.

In all, the event was a great success: the neighborhood’s aesthetic improved as did the resident’s pride of the area. This event was the first partnership between Starhill and City Year, but the chemistry between the two was so beautiful it’s hard to believe it’d be the last. Starhill holds its community in high regard and frequently does service-minded activities, they were very grateful and excited to have our help. This event was also great for raising our awareness and to show that we are eager to deploy our idealism wherever it is necessary.

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