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Why I’m Choosing to Serve (Again)

March 26, 2013

Emma, De’Vante, and Kate are all returning for a second year with City Year Baton Rouge!

By: Kate Sheeder, Proud Corps Member serving at Merrydale Elementary

Six months ago, I shared with y’all that moving to Baton Rouge seemed like a really impulsive decision to my friends, family, and even to myself. ( I grew up in New Jersey, went to college in Washington, D.C., and then ended up in Louisiana. I’ll be honest, I liked Baton Rouge when I first moved here, but I assumed I would move to another place after I completed my 1,700 hours with City Year Baton Rouge.  Maybe Denver? Maybe Seattle? I didn’t know where, but I thought I would be ready to explore another city.

Welp, ladies and gentlemen, I was completely wrong. Last week, I was offered a position as a Second Year Corps Member with City Year Baton Rouge. I was ecstatic and immediately took the job. That’s right—I’m staying in Baton Rouge and I’m staying with City Year for another year.

There are several reasons I decided to stay with City Year Baton Rouge, but there are two words that can easily sum up my decision: my students. I entered City Year Baton Rouge thinking that I would come in and teach my students all they ever needed to know. I was wrong.

My fourth graders continue to help and inspire me more than I thought possible. They have taught me valuable character traits such as patience, perseverance, and dedication. My students opened my eyes to the achievement gap in our country, while also proving to me that, regardless of race, gender, or economic background, all students are capable of learning. Plus, my students always keep me smiling and laughing. I love going to work and I know not many people can say that. I don’t mind waking up each morning, even though it’s still dark outside. I’m excited to greet my students at breakfast, tutor them throughout the day, and make sure they make it home safely.

My students have shaped my future—I’m staying in Baton Rouge for another year to continue working with them. Who knows where I’ll be after that, but I can guarantee that I’ll stay involved with education. I have my students to thank for that. My fourth graders will be big, bad fifth graders next year. I cannot wait to witness their academic and behavioral growth and have the opportunity to grow beside them.

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  1. Sam permalink
    March 27, 2013 6:34 pm

    I like it!

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