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Intervention Time: Game Show Edition

February 25, 2013


By Jo Reddick, Team Leader Proudly Serving at Belaire High School

Today (just as any day) I witnessed a Corps Member, Sam Blair, present an amazing intervention to a small group of 10th grade girls! Sam put on a blazer and tie and transformed himself into a game show host to review geometry topics for prizes (candy, of course). It was so funny seeing the reaction of one of the girls when Sam removed his City Year vest and put on his blazer! “What ARE you doing Mr. Sam?!” The girls made sure Sam’s collar was perfect before allowing him to continue on with the intervention. It was his first time presenting this game and it was a hit. The girls were absolutely engaged, learning and laughing, and even turned a bit competitive at times.

Sam’s lesson plan is included below.


Corps Member:  Sam Blair                   GLEs Covered: G-SRT.6

Lesson Plan Goals (I do, We do, You do):

  • Warm-Up/Review:

Play “The Price is Right” theme music and put on Game Show host outfit (blazer and tie).

Introduce the rules of the game/the prizes and hand everyone their white boards/markers/erasers.

  • Teaching/Instructional Process:

Different images related to geometry are projected onto a screen and students are told to write down on their white board what comes to mind when they see said images. Ex: A picture of two congruent isosceles triangles are shown with the sides and angles marked. A student writes down “The two triangles share all the same sides and angles, so they are congruent.” The student is then awarded with a point, which can be put towards prizes (candy, etc.)

  • Guided Practice

After the students write down and share their answers and a winner is selected, the CM will go over the image being projected and point out any details that were missed by any of the students. Ex: The student above noticed that the two triangles displayed were congruent but failed to point out that they were isosceles. The CM would point this out using a series of leading questions.

  • Independent Practice/Monitoring:

After summarizing a given slide, the CM will have the students explain back to him or her exactly is on display. Also, writing down what they think acts as independent practice for the students.

  • Closure:

Rewards will be given to the winning student.

How Could You Incorporate These Ideas into a Teacher’s Assignment?

Any geometry topic can be integrated into the game, you just need a picture of a certain figure of problem.


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