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Math Blitz!

January 24, 2013


Hi there, Sara here! So many great things happen daily at school. Yesterday, I witnessed one of the most amazing interventions that I’ve ever seen. I have a corps member on my team, Ed, who is awesome to say the least. He’s smart, funny, thinks on his feet and really connects to his students. He had a math intervention that blew my mind! What is a guaranteed way to keep students engaged in a lesson? Make the lesson relate to something the students like! Ed strolled into the City Year room with two boys. He saw that the room was a little crowded and a brilliant idea came to him. He grabbed a football and turned the boys around. Naturally, I was intrigued. I followed them out to the football field and was amazed! From a distance, I saw them passing and running plays. As I approached, I could hear Ed asking them questions that were math related: “If I have 3 touchdowns and 2 field goals, how many points do I have?” A correct answer earns a play on the field. Genius! I never would have thought of doing that! Ever. I love that his intervention allowed for multiple intelligences. His students we able to see, touch and hear the lesson happening. The intervention stuck with me and I’m not even a student. Doing things outside of the norm is what we do best. In a way, I’m glad the room was crowded. That awesome lesson may have never taken place.   

Sara Ross

Diplomas Now Team Leader

Broadmoor Middle School

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