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The Magic of Middle School

December 16, 2012
dn team

The Capitol Middle School team looking festive at their team holiday party.

By Lyndsie Guy, Corps Member proudly serving at Capitol Middle School

I will be the first to admit that middle school often gets a bad rap. It is in middle school where both homework and hormones begin to make themselves known, and this combination can be explosive if not handled with care. Take it from me—at thirteen, I could have put Shakespeare to shame with the amount of drama that I produced. If you had told me that, ten years later, I would be back in the halls of a middle school every day, I would have done an exaggerated eye roll, snapped my bubble gum, and told you that you were craaaa-zy.

Now here I am.

I recognize how lucky I am to be able to spend time with my Focus List students during such a formative year of their lives. We may spend most of our time together strengthening academic skills, but it is the “Near Peer” relationship that we share that allows us to become more than just teachers. By providing a listening ear, we become confidants. By checking to see if our kids have eaten breakfast, we become caregivers. By providing a tissue when tears are being shed, we become friends. Middle school may be a stressful time for those who are going through it, but we have all been there. Maybe—just maybe—our presence can make the hormones a little more bearable.


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