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Students Excited about Learning? That’s a beautiful thing!

November 27, 2012
Some of my favorite moments in every day take place during my small group interventions with my 3rdgrade students. I feel comfortable speaking on behalf of my team when I say that our students impress us every day. We have the privilege of seeing them learn skills in our math and reading interventions, and bring what they learned into the classroom to then help teach their classmates.My team is spread across the third and fourth grades, so that there is one Corps Member in each classroom. We spend our days in the classrooms providing whole class support, leading small group interventions in math and ELA, and … doing a lot of other things (that we often write about in this blog). The interventions are almost always the best parts of my day, because I am given time to get to know my students and help them realize their potential. The classes and subjects in which I have been most successful have been the ones whose teachers understood my learning style and took an interest in me as a learner. I try my best every day to learn a little more about how my students learn so that I can help them learn better. I (and my teammates) tailor our interventions to match our students’ needs. Here are some examples:

We are obviously the elementary school team, and I think it is a well known fact that elementary school- aged students like to be goofy and play games. Mr. Ryan incorporates math and ELA into movement games for his hyperactive third graders. Ms. Mollie made learning about Money into a game of “store” with her students. I once watched Ms. Kamie play “Vocabulary Baseball” with her ELA group. My third graders go crazy over a game that I made out of an old shoebox called “City Year Land.” So, in short, we love games at Merrydale.
It’s not just what we do, but where and how we do it. Many of our interventions take place outside, and many of them take place in the City Year room. Mr. Jesse occasionally travels with his students to the “Forest of Learning,” which is a very small patch of trees next to the basketball court. Sometimes Ms. Kate takes walks with her students to make them feel more comfortable. Some students thrive on the structure provided by our City Year room, and their interventions take place there. I think what is important is that we all take our students’ interests into account in order to make the interventions as successful as possible.
Every day, students beg me to take them into the City Year room for tutoring.  Students excited about learning?  That’s a beautiful thing. 

Love and happiness,

Emma Sullivan, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Merrydale Elementary

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  1. December 7, 2012 2:19 pm

    I love this blog. Great blog.

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