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Real Men Read

November 7, 2012

By: Kate Sheeder, proud Corps Member serving at Merrydale Elementary School

There’s really nothing cuter than a class of twenty kindergarteners circled on the rug in the middle of their classroom listening intently to “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” Wait—it gets cuter. They’re not listening to their teacher read. The class is listening to their new City Year friend, Mr. Caleb read to them.

Mr. Caleb, along with other male City Year corps members, joined the Merrydale team on October 18thfor Real Men Read. The goal of Real Men Read is to provide Merrydale students with examples of positive male role models whom value the importance of education. For the last thirty minutes of school, these role models visited classrooms and read a variety of stories to our students. From City Year corps members, to Southern University students to Merrydale students’ fathers, Real Men Read recruited an assortment of guys. LSU football player Cleveland Davis even made an appearance!

I can speak on behalf of the Merrydale team and Merrydale students that Real Men Read was a huge success. Not only were students able to meet men within their community, but the community was able to meet Merrydale’s amazing students. Luckily, this event was not a one-time deal. Real Men Read is an ongoing project. So, get ready Mr. Caleb! The kindergarteners are eagerly awaiting your next visit!

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