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Thankful Thursday

November 1, 2012

Throughout the month of November we will be featuring different things that we are thankful for.  At this year’s Opening Day, four students from schools we served in last year gave speeches in which they told the audience why they were thankful for City Year.  We are lucky to work with so many awesome students, and we are as thankful for them as they are for us!  Here is one of the student’s speech:

“City Year is the best help you can get. Just look at me, last year in Middle School, I was the student that started the food fights in the cafeteria, I threw crayons across the room, I didn’t pay attention in class and I wanted to sleep instead of listen to my teacher.  And now look at me. I made it to high school, with the help of City Year. City Year can help all students achieve their goals and understand things they don’t understand.
So City Year corps members, here is some advice. Your students may not like school so much. I used to not like school very much. I repeated the 8th grade and then I met City Year and I realized why I had to learn all this stuff.  Mr. Laine was my City Year that came in the class and bothered me so much in math.  Math was not my favorite subject, but Mr. Laine helped me.  I’m excited to work with my City Year again this year because they are also at my high school.  I have some advice for the students: if you can’t understand things and need help, don’t sleep, ask City Year. And corps members I want to tell you something: Its okay if you bother us in math class, we might say thank you like this.”
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