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October 28, 2012

By Lyndsie Guy, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Capitol Middle School

PITW #79: It’s Never What We Say, It’s Always What We Do

The life of a City Year Corps Member isn’t always full of rainbows and butterflies– more often than not, it means tough days and long hours. When energy is lacking and hope seems dim, we can look for inspiration in the PITW section of our handbook. Standing for “Putting Idealism To Work,” PITWs are brief tidbits of motivation. They are reminders to focus on the big picture and to “make the complex simple” (ahem, also known as PITW #43).

One of my favorite PITWs is number seventy-nine, which urges us to remember that “it’s never what we say, it’s always what we do.” Lately, my to-do list has been lengthening while my time steadily disappears. I can say that I can make a commitment to take on another project, but what good does that do unless I follow through? The same idea goes for City Year as a whole: yes, we may say that we’re committed to education reform, but it is the fact that we are actively working for a better tomorrow that allows us to walk with our heads held high. We are lucky enough to be able to practice what we preach every single day, and that is one idealist notion that I am proud to put to work.



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