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Cohort Attendance Challenge

October 17, 2012

At Belaire High School, City Year is set to kick off a special attendance initiative,  framed around college football, to increase 9th and 10th grade student turnout. The overall purpose of this cohort challenge is to develop and excite regular attendance as a shared value within the school’s culture.

City Year creatively worked together to make this vivid attendance wall, in the shape of a football field, and selected various Division I college football teams to represent the various 9th and 10th grade ELA and math cohorts. (Cautiously, Corps Members chose to exclude LSU and their rival teams, as to not incite intense competitive friction amongst the students). Each cohort, or class, will have their own representative football that will move across the field. The 9th and 10th grade balls will be moving towards each other, so it will appear as though they are playing against one another.

Rules: For every day that a class has 95% attendance, the class will move forward 10 yards.  If a specific class has less than 80% attendance in a day, they will have a penalty of 5 yards.  If a class has 100%, they will move forward 20 yards.  Finally, each time a team reaches the end-zone, they will receive a  “touchdown” or 7 points.  Cohort scores will be posted along side the field along with the rules. There will be “check points” throughout the semester where, when reached, classes can earn small prizes. The final goal will be to attain the highest score, the the winning 9th and 10th grade classes will receive a glorified pizza party.

We are Belaire. Go Bengals!

-Meghan Donohue, Corps Member proudly serving at Belaire High School


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