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October 15, 2012

By: Kate Sheeder, a Proud Corps Member serving at Merrydale Elementary

Throughout elementary school, when my brother was asked what his favorite subject in school was he would always enthusiastically answer, “Recess!”  Let’s be honest—who doesn’t love recess? Even clumsy, awkward, elementary school Kate Sheeder loved recess. I was able to catch up on classroom gossip, chase all the boys I had crushes on and write cool notes with my gel pens.

Some things never change (I have faith gel pens will make a comeback). Recess is still a highlight for elementary school children, especially at Merrydale. It’s a time for Merrydale students to release their bottled up energy. Whether it’s playing basketball, jumping rope or drawing with chalk, students at Merrydale can release their energy and socialize with their classmates.

While City Year’s main focus is academic interventions, I would be lying if I said the Merrydale team didn’t love recess as well. It gives us the opportunity to talk with our kids, school them in basketball and teach them some City Year culture (the “get loose” song is a daily request). Plus, the girls love playing Beauty Shop. Molly and I have had our hair transformed from messy buns to seas of braids in seconds. Ryan can be found organizing kickball games or playing tag. Mollie and Kamie play Miss Sally Walker with the girls. All the other corps members at Merrydale mingle with the students. Most conversations revolve around candy, football and more candy.

Yesterday after school, I decided to call my brother and I told him how much I love recess at Merrydale. After rambling on and on, like I tend to do, I paused. My brother simply responded with, “Well, duh Kate. Recess is the best.”

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