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October 6, 2012

Photo by Sara Ross

By Frank Arnold, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Capitol Middle School

#makebetterhappen: (noun) Ancient Greek mannerism. Defined as the giving of oneself to a greater good and trying to improve upon an aspect of life.

This is what I found for the definition of #makebetterhappen. While I believe it comes from Nordic descent instead of Greek, that detail is minor. #makebetterhappen is a powerful tool CYBR has blasted on Twitter to encourage people to step up to the plate and try to improve the world.

#makebetterhappen means a lot of different things to me. To #makebetterhappen, actions do not need to be humongous. (I like the word humongous. I learned it in my English class last week.) They can be small acts. During my time at CYBR, #makebetterhappen has happened in more ways than I can count. #makebetterhappen at #TeamCapitol may involve Corps Member Theresa Lodge chasing her students in the hallway to go to class, or Mr. A sacrificing his break to read a quiz to three students. (Bless his soul.)

Keely Curliss, a proud corps member serving at #TeamBroadmoor, tweets “Just got one of my 8th grade boys to swallow his pride and apologize for walking out on a teacher. I’m on a roll today #makebetterhappen.” It’s moments like these that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside about working for CYBR. #makebetterhappen is a movement across America. CYBR is a small piece in the #makebetterhappen movement, but I am proud to be a part of that movement.

I asked Laine Halfacre (our beast Service Leader) what #makebetterhappen means to him and, in three words, he said “One City Year.” Laine said this with confidence (including a thumb up) and he said it with pride. Four for you Laine Halfacre (You go Laine Halfacre!) I approve of it, and I think the #makebetterhappen movement would too.

I could go all philosophical about the #makebetterhappen movement, but that might be awkward since I didn’t do well in philosophy class. #makebetterhappen boils down to something very basic: Rise above yourself and help others. Do it any way you can. Whether it’s convincing a kid math is fun (good luck) or getting him to class on time (again, good luck) it will all pay off in the end. So my advice is, get your inner Nordic on and #makebetterhappen!


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