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Why I Serve: Lyndsie Edition

September 10, 2012

Lyndsie and her team at Capitol Middle School

When I was in the fourth grade, I went through a “hero” phase. Unlike the heroes that come to life from cartoons, my role models tended to materialize from the pages of library books. To put it simply, my daydreams included fewer guest appearances by Superman and more by Nancy Drew. I would skip recess to hide in the library and wade through pages upon pages of fiction. When adults would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I traded in the overused response of “ballerina” for that of “heroine.” Time passed, however, and I became disillusioned. I realized that the books I devoured were just that– books. These things had never happened. These characters never existed.

For a while, I operated under the assumption that heroes were alive only in libraries and movie theaters. While there was nothing wrong with this notion in principle, time eventually began to show me just how mistaken I had been. I look at my mother and see the woman who, despite raising me on her own, always provided me with the love of a dozen parents. I see my grandmother and imagine how difficult it must have been to teach elementary school when she had three babies of her own at home. I remember my high school English teacher, who returned all of my papers to me with an expectation that I do better– not because the papers were not “good,” but because Ms. Popchock knew that “good” should never be a synonym for “great.” These women are more admirable heroes than any that I could ever find inside a library book.

Becoming a part of City Year allows me the opportunity to not only thank those who have championed for me in my youth, but to also pass on their inspiration to a new generation. I may not yet be a hero– but I am here to fight the good fight.

Lyndsie Guy is originally from Halifax, Pennsylvania and graduated from Gettysburg College.  She proudly serves at Capitol Middle School.

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