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Pieces of Me

August 23, 2012

“If you don’t know your past,
You don’t know your future”
-Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers

City Year corps members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and experiences and bring their own unique talents to the table.  Although their pasts are different, they choose to serve for a common purpose: To encourage students to do their best and to positively impact the communities they serve in.  But what brings them to City Year in the first place?

“Pieces of Me” is an activity our teams do, typically near the beginning of the school year, that gives the corps members an opportunity to share their stories and to learn something new about each of their teammates.  Each person brings an object that is important to him or her and uses it to tell a little of their life story and why they are where they are today. 

This week, the Capitol Middle School team shared their Pieces of Me with one another.  Arquavious, Breanna, Catherine, Cherie, Emma, Frank, Jasmine, Josh, Jourden, Lyndsie, Maddie, Rob, Theresa, and Zac all shared a little piece of themselves, and in doing so continued to further the strong team bond they’ve already begun to build!



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