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New School Year, Large and In Charge!

August 16, 2012

Hello world! It’s me again. Welcome back to another year with City Year Baton Rouge. I hope your summer was very enjoyable. Mine was great. Short, but great. The staff and senior corps (that’s right, I’m senior corps) did a little bit of jetsetting this summer, all in the name of City Year. We traveled to Baltimore to learn more about Diplomas Now.  We got a lot of info and “best practices” (plus a flash drive and a lunch box, each). But the highlight of my summer was attending City Year Summer Academy in Boston. Roughly 1,000 City Year staff and senior corps members were there. The experience was, in one word, AWESOME! I was able to meet people from across the network and exchange ideas. I made some great contacts and took a lot of pictures.

But, anyway, that was summer. Let’s talk about today. We are in schools! I was fortunate enough to be placed back at Broadmoor Middle School as a Team Leader with my good friend Lauren (she was at Capitol Middle School last year).  I got to see all my kids on the first day of school. I was bombarded with hugs and high fives as the new corps members looked on. I hope that they see what kind of bond they will form with their students in the coming year. Oh, and those new corps members… there are so many of them. We grew from about 40 to almost 70. We went from small and mighty to large and in charge! The new corps members are so eager to serve. Their passion is infectious. They are the new faces of change. I’m glad that they are so pumped about working in schools and bettering the lives of our students. This is going to be a great year!

Just to refresh your memory of who came back as Senior Corps: Sara  (Broadmoor), Molly (Merrydale), Laine (Service Leader), Lauren (Broadmoor), Dacie (Belaire), Cherie (Capitol), and Jo (Belaire).  Here’s a picture of us at graduation in May:


Sara R., Team Leader, Proudly Serving at Broadmoor Middle School

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