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Mentally Healthy

March 19, 2012


Hello! Jordan C. here!

It’s been a while. Have you missed me? No? Ok…

Well, I guess I should give you an update or ten on what we’ve been doing at CYBR. March has certainly been a busy month for everyone. I know at Merrydale, we’ve been preparing for our big event at the end of the month: The Math Olympics. We were supposed to have the event March 14th, but it got moved to the 28th. We are totally ok with that anyway… more time to make the event a HUGE success!

That’s just a little info on Merrydale’s schedule, but I know every team across Baton Rouge has had a pretty stressful month.

So, on Friday we had a nice day of fun and relaxation. In the morning, a few corps members presented on some of the mental health issues that affect our students. In the afternoon, the corps took a trip down to the Louisiana state capitol park. We played football, ultimate Frisbee, and soccer. Laine H. led us in meditation, and Danny M. led us in yoga.

Some of the ladies (myself included) suntanned for a bit, and I now have a farmer’s tan from the mid-thigh down! SUCCESS!

It was a great day and I think everyone enjoyed the fresh air and easy afternoon. We’re in the home stretch, so it was nice to take a step back and enjoy ourselves before we really get the ball rolling!

In Service,


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