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“Only a Life Lived in the Service of Others is Worth Living”

February 8, 2012

By Jo Reddick, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Broadmoor Middle School

Friday February 3rd, 2012 was probably the worst, most stressful, most disappointing day that I’ve had at City Year. Hopefully, it was anyway… because I don’t want to have to face anything worse.
There is one 6th grade boy that I work with, a lot. The whole team has met him, and I’ve forced him into all of their lives. Of all of my students, I probably have the strongest, most consistent relationship with him. Yesterday was a bad day for him, which in turn made it a worse day for me. Yesterday this generally energetic, class clown of a 12 year old 6th grade boy got so frustrated that he stopped talking to me, pulled his sweatshirt over his head, and refused to continue his work. This happened not once, but twice.

Why was he frustrated? Because it was too difficult for him to find words in the dictionary. But it didn’t end there. In his next class, he couldn’t correctly pick adjectives out of simple sentences, even with the definition of adjective in front of him, & me right beside him. I know that this was hard for him, and I understand his frustration, because I feel that same frustration. I know that its not exactly his fault. I know that there just hasn’t been enough focus on him, that he just hasn’t received the amount of help that he needs.

And sadly, across the nation, his case is not exactly the minority. He is definitely NOT alone in his struggle.

In addition to this frustration, I received some not-so-good news from the administration that is going to shake up my, and my student’s schedules (again).

Friday was a rough day. I went home with my spirits down and my head throbbing. Honestly, it was the type of day that would make some people want to quit. Instead though, yesterday reminded me to fight harder. It reminded me how necessary my job is, and how necessary I am. I was reminded of just how important past, current, and future City Year corps members across the nation were, are, and will be.

So, on Monday, I returned to work, spirits high, ready to work, and ready to make a difference.

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