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Olympics of the Mind

February 5, 2012

By Sara Ross, Corps Member Proudly Serving at Broadmoor Middle School
Early Saturday morning, my fellow Broadmoor teammates, about 40 middle-schoolers and I traveled via school bus to McKinley Middle Academic Magnet School for the 4th Annual Academic Competition. To put it plainly, our students did an amazing job! I couldn’t have been more pleased with their performance. I was so proud of them. Corps Members had been prepping the student’s every day for 2 weeks in categories such as debate, spelling bee, quiz bowl, oral interpretation, chess, and math bowl. Our students placed in all but one category.  The day can be summed up in 2 great moments for me:

1.     The ride home was phenomenal! Imagine an entire school bus chanting: Broadmoor is what?! Dynamite! Broadmoor is what?! Dynamite! And when you mess with dynamite, it goes tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, BOOM, DYNAMITE!

2.     Hearing “Broadmoor Middle School” being announced as 2nd Overall in the Champions Division was a pretty good feeling. But the moment was complete when *Lonny accepted the plaque on stage. He raised it above his head and gave a loud yell. At that moment, you could have sworn that we’d won the Super Bowl.

I’m proud of our students. They came ready to play. Their hard work and dedication paid off. Like the cheer says, “Broadmoor is?! Dynamite!”

Spelling Bee: 6th grade-4th place

Quiz Bowl: 6th grade-3rd place and 8th grade-3rd place

Math Bowl: 7th grade-3rd place, 8th grade-3rd place

Chess Master: 6th grade-2nd place, 3rd place

Oral Interpretation: 8th grade-3rd place

Overall: 2nd place Champions Division

Let’s not forget that another CYBR school, Capitol Middle, was there. They did an awesome job too!

Quiz Bowl: 6th grade-2nd place, 7th grade-3rd place, 8th grade-1st place

Math Bowl: 6th grade-1st place

Overall: 3rd place Champions Division

*Name changed for privacy



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