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Call and Response City Year Style

January 23, 2012

Hi there! Sara here! Paint this image in your mind: It’s 8:13 on a chilly January morning in Baton Rouge. You’re taking your morning run along the levee of the Mississippi River. You can see the hot steam rising from your mouth every time you say hello to some you pass. As you look over, you see something that catches your eye. In 4 straight lines, young adults in bright red jackets are exercising. Exercising in an extremely public venue. The thing that makes you smile is not what you see them doing, but what you hear the saying.

We at City Year Baton Rouge have a knack for witty calls and responses. Each team brings their own unique style to the entire corps.

Here are some examples:

Before each, keep in mind that speaker follows this formula:

My name is Jane Doe, Proud Corps Member serving at Elementary/Middle/High School

Broadmoor Middle School

Call: We from that…

Response: Broadmor Middle School, Second to none. (beats chest with fury) What’s up son? (throws up hands)

Merrydale Elementary

Call: awkward pause…

Response: M. E. double R. Y. D. A. L. E. Makin’ A’s. Tutorin’. Om nom nom. We like to eat!

Belaire High School

Call: Where we cuttin’ up…

Response: With no scissors (clap)

Capitol Middle School

Call: Its time to get loud! It’s time to represent! Who you with?

Response: CMS!

Call: Who you with?

Response: CMS!

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