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Happy Holidays!!

December 21, 2011

Jo Reddick here, reporting from the Delta airlines section of BTR (the itty bitty airport in Baton Rouge), as some guy sips his coffee and stares at me (probably trying to figure out what possessed me to dye my hair bright red and purple).


I’m on my way home, to Virginia. I haven’t been there or seen anyone from there since I left for Baton Rouge in July. So, this is… EXCITING. I have big plans for my break and hopefully I can accomplish everything (including New Years in Washington D.C.).

As excited as I am, I’m also a little sad (not to be a Debbie downer). I made a whole new family here in Baton Rouge… from my roommate (Lizzy Stephens, corps member proudly serving at Broadmoor Middle School) to the rest of my Broadmoor team, to my whole City Year Baton Rouge team. Oh, and let’s not forget my wonderful 6th graders (I’m still trying to figure out how I’m going to function without them for the next two weeks). I’m going to miss them all, but don’t tell them I said it… I have a reputation to uphold.

Let me describe my team real quick… We are, on the surface, the most sarcastic, rude, crazy group of people. But we understand each other and deep down we love and care about each other a lot. A WHOLE LOT. From the outside looking in you’d think we hated each other… because we’re always calling each other out (and making jokes about Molly’s hair). But, once you get to know us you see that that’s just how we show our love (and how we make our own entertainment).

That’s right team. I love ya’ll! And I know ya’ll (better) love me too! But don’t ever bring this up … I will deny all of it!

I know I tend to jump from here to there, but what I really wanted to say is that I’m beyond excited to have this break and to see my mom and my friends, but I’m probably just as excited to get back to my team and my kids in January!

Happy Holidays Ya’ll!

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