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Merrydale’s Holiday To-Do List

December 12, 2011

Imagine these... times a thousand.

Most people have shopping lists they must check off before December 25th…

Not Merrydale!

Shopping has been postponed until at least December 23rd… We have too much on our plate:

And yes Santa, the plate does have cookies on it, but they aren’t for you!

1. Starfish- On Tuesday, we’re going to get the students excited about the last week of theLouisiana culture and history unit! On this day, Starfish will learn about the different types of music that started inLouisiana! They will learn about the history of each genre and even get a chance to dance the Louisiana two-step!  On Thursday, we’re going to learn about Louisiana Cuisine. Starfish will learn about the events that led to the creation of Louisiana’s prominent culinary dishes. Students will even get to try some delicious Louisiana jambalaya. Only if Miss Jordan doesn’t eat it all!

2. Teacher Appreciation- Each corps member has a wonderful surprise for their teachers consisting of classroom supplies and personal letters of gratitude.

 3. Box Tops- Tuesday is the last day to collect Box Tops and the winner will be crowned on Thursday. The winning classroom will receive a hot chocolate party loaded with whipped cream, sprinkles, peppermint sticks, and marshmallows. Oh, and under all those toppings will be some hot chocolate. Somewhere.

4. PBIS Picnic Celebration!- Those students who have earned PBIS for three weeks straight get to hang out with the Merrydale team on Friday! We have games and activities planned for each grade, including a dance party for the older students. Can’t wait to see Mr. Andrew bust a move!

5. Presents for EVERY student- The Merrydale team will be baking A LOT of cookies this week to hand out to each student at the school. That’s over 500 cookies! On Tuesday, the corps will bake the cookies, and on Wednesday the corps will get together, decorate and wrap the cookies. Each student will receive a personalized cookie on Friday as a gift for the holidays!

Oh, and we’re making friendship bracelets for our small group students. Did I forget that? It’s safe to say the Merrydale team won’t be getting that much sleep this week, but in the end it will all be worth it.

Happy Holidays!

 – Jordan C.

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