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It’s beginning to look a lot like City Year!

November 29, 2011


Last week was a mix of service and celebration for City Year corps members across the US. It was a well-needed break, but I am glad we are back in school!

Last Monday, the Merrydale corps had their community meeting, which was a huge success! We filmed, edited, and scripted the entire presentation over a month and half.  The hard work and dedication each member put into the final product was amazing. Each corps member played an integral role in making this community meeting a success. Oh, and it was pretty dang funny!

Our theme was “Real World: Merrydale” and we definitely brought the drama. Each part of the community meeting was introduced with a quick clip from the “show,” which gave the other schools a glance into the raw lives of the Merrydale corps. There was romance, comedy, hardships, and inspiration. They laughed… They cried…

December is just around the corner. No seriously, it’s on Thursday! Look at your calendar!

The holiday season in upon us and corps members have already begun spreading City Year cheer to those far and near. Corps members relished their Thanksgiving break but realized this semester’s end in approaching and there is still much to do! Keep going! Keep serving! There are three weeks before break.

We can do it Baton Rouge!

– Jordan C.



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