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A Terrific Merrydale Tuesday

November 1, 2011

Corps Member Callie plays math games with a group of students.

Last Friday the Merrydale corps was going to do their first service project, but due to bad weather it was moved to this Friday.

Instead… I’m going to give y’all a little update on the happenings at Merrydale!

The corps has been extremely busy these past few weeks. Two weeks ago we started our after-school program, Starfish Corps. Every Tuesday and Thursday, 30 second and third graders assemble in the auditorium, get into their teams, and go outside to the basketball court to do physical training, or PT. After PT, the groups split up with their City Year team leaders and learn about City Year culture. The kids have embraced the City Year culture, which has made Starfish even more exciting and fun! There’s nothing cuter than seeing kids doing foot fires and chain breakers.

In addition to Starfish Corps, the Merrydale corps ended their first round of the school wide Box Tops collection competition. Yesterday, the corps hosted an ice cream sundae party for the class with the most Box Tops. In total, Merrydale Elementary has collected over 2400 Box Tops and it’s only November!

Corps members have been very busy with small group tutoring as well. When they aren’t in the classroom, corps members are helping students excel in English and math. Corps members work on skills including phonics, grammar, comprehension, and fluency. Recently, the Merrydale crew has been working on multiplication with their small groups. To get the students engaged, many corps members play math-based games.

It’s so great to see the students working hard everyday, and we can definitely see an improvement in their abilities!

In Service,

Jordan C.



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