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Red Jacket Syndrome

October 20, 2011

Look at those awesome red bomber jackets!

Two weeks ago, we received our red bomber jackets. You wouldn’t believe the amount of pride we display when we wear them. I compare it to that of the T-Birds and Pink Ladies wearing their jackets in the film Grease (morning greeting would be the equivalent to the song and dance of a musical).

In 85-degree weather, outside, running around Baton Rouge (on a scavenger hunt), we wear our red bombers. The revelation of the symbolism the jacket holds astounds me. As Corps Members, we wear our jackets, not to be recognized, but because we are proud of our accomplishments and hard work.

Our presence is known everywhere we go when we wear our red pieces. From the occasional “I’ve seen you all around town. What do you do?” to the “You work for City Year! That’s awesome!” we seem to inspire people with our work. The red jacket means something, something powerful, to not just City Year, but to everyone. I like to call it the Red Jacket Syndrome.

Sara R.

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