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Reading is Out of This World!

October 6, 2011

Wow!  What a fantastic night at Merrydale Elementary School!

I can’t even begin to express the immense joy I feel right now. Tonight, Merrydale hosted its first literacy night of the school year and it was a great success! Over 80 parents and students, and 20 faculty and staff, attended tonight to play fun games and win great prizes.

The theme of tonight’s literacy night was, “Reading is out of this world!” and the corps spent a great deal of time making sure the auditorium looked and felt like a space ship. There were stars and planets everywhere, and the students got to play games like, “Comet Toss,” “Space Ball,” and “Moon Pie in the Face.”

The games weren’t too easy, though! Students had to use their skills in phonics, grammar, and phonemic awareness in order to win prizes. At “Comet Toss,” students had to determine whether a word had a long vowel sound or a short vowel sound. At “Moon Landing,” students had to read challenging high frequency words correctly. And at “Moon Pie in the Face,” well… I’d say Miss Holly and Miss Callie had some smart kids because at the end of the night those two were covered head-to-toe in whipped cream!

The night ended with some raffle prizes, which included a PJ’s Coffee gift certificate, Rave Motion Pictures movie tickets, an autographed football by Southern University head coach, Stump Mitchell, and a grand prize of a free night of bowling for 10 courtesy of Metro Bowl.

It was truly great to see the parents come and support their children. We have a strong community here at Merrydale, and we are glad to know success is being reinforced even after the last bell rings!

In Service,

Jordan C.

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