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School Spirit

September 20, 2011


To be 100% truthful, I must say that I am anxiously awaiting the Broadmoor Middle vs. Capitol Middle football game. There are 3 reasons why.

1. I love football.

2. I’m ready to see which school has the most spirit.

3. Did I mention that I love football?

I’m excited to see two schools with City Year going head to head in a friendly game of football.  I’m also ready to see which schools Corps Members can show the most spirit. Capitol has an amazing song and dance called the “Capitol Rumble”, but at Broadmoor, the Buccaneers like to “Hook it Up” (yes, in reference to pirate hooks).  The one thing that I am positive about is, no matter what team wins, all the students will have a good time. I know that a great way for our students to know we support them is to show up at their games. Having our students know that we are rooting for them both on and off the field reaffirms our commitment to their well being as a total person.

– Sara R.



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  1. Richard Newell permalink
    September 25, 2011 11:54 pm

    I just want to say Cherie is a beautiful person. She will certainly inspire those kids to be great leaders like herself. Cherie, your Barry family is proud of you!!! We want you to continue to reach for the stars because the skies the limits. I hope the children that you work with see you for what you really are – an extremely honest, straight-forward, smart and talented leader. Good luck in Baton Rouge!!!!

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