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In Remembrance

September 12, 2011

A Letter of Thanks to Service Members from City Year Baton Rouge Corps Members

 What does it mean to love your country?

 For me, loving America means giving up a year of my life to service here in Baton Rouge. It means being a part of something larger than myself. It means working toward the ideals of freedom and equality that make our country so great.

 Today, we at City Year Baton Rouge gathered to support the thousands of men and women involved in a very different kind of service to America from our own. On this, the tenth anniversary of that tragic Tuesday morning, eight Corps Members volunteered with the United Way to help the community write letters of support to our troops abroad.

Corps members spent 9/11 volunteering and expressing their thanks to service members in our country.

 It was both humbling and inspiring to see so many people from all walks of life take five minutes out of their busy lives to send a thought or prayer to those men and women laying down their lives in service to our country. From a middle-aged woman with three sons in the armed forces to a two-year-old drawing a puppy, I truly saw the Baton Rouge community come together on this important day.

 I was in seventh grade the day the planes hit the Twin Towers – the same age as the kids I’m working with this year. They seem so young to me now, but it was at their age that I truly began to understand what it meant to be an American, and to love my country. I hope that part of my legacy at Broadmoor Middle School will be to impart some of the wisdom I have learned in the last ten years to the students with whom I work.

 In remembrance,

 Kylie C.

Corps Member

Broadmoor Middle School

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